Hiking at Mohican State Park (Ultimate Guide)

Mohican State Park is in the northwest corner of Ohio, USA. The Park is located near the communities of Mohican and North Bloomfield.

The Park is a 1,110-acre state park located near Loudonville. The Park is bordered by Ohio SR 97 and SR 3 and surrounds Pleasant Hill Lake.

The Mohican River flows through the Park and empties into the Black Fork River. It is a gorge carved by the river that can be enjoyed during spring, summer, and fall for camping, hiking, boating, & more!

How Many Trails Are at Mohican State Park?

There are a total of 19 hiking trails at Mohican State Park. These trails range in length from less than a mile to 2 miles.

The Park is primarily forested, with trees like oak, pine, and maple making up 70% of the forest cover in 2016. (estimates by the Bureau of Land Management). There are 786 acres dedicated to the old-growth forest in Mohican State Park.

Mohican State Park is home to many diverse outdoor activities. There are 13 miles of hiking trails to choose from and 32 miles total. The Park also includes a variety of beautiful scenery that will fill you with peace and serenity.

The great thing about the Park is that it offers a variety of sights that will make you feel at peace. So whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next big thing or want to escape from the real world, this Park has got you covered.

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Red Trail

One of the best hiking trails is the Red Trail. It’s a great day hike! The elevation changes are not too strenuous, but the hike is still a good workout. There are two creeks to cross. The first one was at mid-calf because of recent rain.

The second was ankle-deep. The trail was pretty muddy in spots, but it was easy to hike around it. It’s well-marked, but fallen leaves did obscure the trail in a few places.

Covered Bridge to Pleasant Hill Dam Trail

Here is a beautiful loop for people looking to get out and enjoy the fresh air, stunning views, and scenic lake views. If you’re looking for something more strenuous, other trails in the area are less traveled.

Trail options are great for all types of people, whether to exercise a dog or for a scenic walk through the woods. However, if you’re planning on using it in winter, the trail can be cold and slippery, so use caution and bring your winter hiking boots.

Mohican Trail 6 Mile Loop

There are a few options on the mountain biking trail loops. One option is the 6 mile and 24+ mile loops. These trails have moderate difficulty and a few exciting climbs so that it will be a fun time for everyone.

The trail is great for about the first 3 miles, with lower and more manageable climbs and descents. After that, it gets more challenging. There are turns you should watch out for, and it’s easy to miss the turnoff if you’re not paying attention.

This trail is best for those who want a moderate challenge and enjoy the beautiful views. There can still be some traffic noise, but it starts to thin out at the mid-point and rises at the end of the hike.

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Be mindful of others around you while hiking, even though it may be challenging to stay on the trail. It’s not too tricky to find cooler spots and find a lot of relief during the hot, humid days.

Are there bears at Mohican State Park?

A recent study by the National Park Service has concluded that there are no bears at Mohican State Park.

Today, the Mohican region is safe from dangerous animals such as cougars, wolves, and bears. But historically, the area was home to large numbers of bobcats, which are still present in this landscape.

Is Mohican State Park Dog Friendly?

Mohican State Park is a great place to visit for those who love the outdoors and looking for things to do with their dog.

Mohican State Park is an outdoor recreation area located in the Mohican Valley of Central Ohio. The Park covers over 1,000 acres and offers plenty of activities for both people and their furry friends.

Dogs are welcome at the Park & on the hiking trails but must be leashed. You can bring them along for the camping trips, but not inside any of the buildings.

Does Mohican State Park Have Cabins?

The Mohican State Park offers cabins to rent. This Park is a great place to spend time in the summer.

The Park offers both rustic and modern cabins, but they are not cheap. A one-night stay in a contemporary cabin costs $100, while a rustic cabin can be rented for $50 per night. The rental price includes water, electricity, and parking for your vehicle.

Cabins at Mohican State Park:

  • Rustic – $50
  • Modern – $100

Mohican State Park offers a variety of overnight accommodations to give you the best experience possible. See what type of sleeping options are available and decide which is the best for you and your family.

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What Does Mohican State Park Cost to Enter?

Mohican State Park is a public state park in Ohio that can be visited for free. There are many attractions and activities within the Park, including ice skating, tennis, cross-country skiing, fishing, and sledding.

The Mohican State Park and Mohican-Memorial State Forest make it easy for the whole family to enjoy the natural beauty of these parks. Trails on foot, horseback & off-road bike provide lots of access to the natural features.

What is the Best Time of Year to Hike at Mohican State Park?

There are many ways to hike in the fall, winter, and spring in Mohican State Park. However, the best time to hike is at the beginning of each season when trails are clear and easy to climb.


Hiking is delightful during the fall because temperatures are milder and colors change. In addition, the early fall foliage provides beautiful scenes that last for a few months after autumn is over.


There is always some snow on the ground during this time of year, but it usually thaws or melts away quickly. This means that hiking trails can be hiked without any problems.


Springtime brings new life to the forest as nature starts to wake up from its winter slumber. This time of year also provides opportunities for challenging hikes with beautiful vistas.


Beautiful lush forests come to life in the summer. Be prepared and bring lots of water. Watch out for the bugs, though! They can be pretty annoying so make sure you pack your bug repellent.