Are Columbia Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

If you enjoy hiking for fun or have a passion for exploring, you should probably get a good pair of hiking boots – otherwise you’ll never end up exploring that passion! 

And if you’ve already planned on doing just that, you’ve landed in the right place. This review will look at Columbia hiking boots and determine whether they are worth your money!  

A Brief History Of Columbia Hiking Boots

Columbia Montrail manufactures and distributes shoes for trail running and hiking. It is a sub-brand of Columbia Sportswear, founded in 1982. It was originally named Brenco Enterprises, with a line of boots called One Sport.

Menno Van Wyck bought out one sport; and in 1997, rebranded it as Montrail. In 1999, Montrail patented the stretchable Gore-Tex in their Java GTX shoe. 

In 2002, it introduced the first softshell shoes made using Schoeller fabric. And in 2004, the ultra-sticky rubber called Gryptonite was introduced. Moreover, it also introduced Enduro-Soles for climbing shoes and Gryptonite in running shoes.

Columbia has a fruitful history in the industry. There is no doubt that they have some of the best hiking boots you can buy. Their hiking boots come in various designs to suit different needs.

How Durable Are Columbia Hiking Boots?

Columbia Hiking Boots are all well designed, lightweight, and quite durable. They are made to be used across various terrains. The soles tend to strongly gripped onto the ground, rocks or any slippery surfaces.

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They are also good for hiking in the snow, especially the Columbia Powderhouse shoes. This pair has 600g insulation and is top-rated for extremely low temperatures. 

If you want a pair of hiking boots that will last you a long time, you can rely on Columbia. Their hiking boots are considered to be some of the best. Most professional hikers and runners are obsessed with the boots and shoes Columbia Montrail manufactures. 

Are Columbia Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Columbia Montrail does offer waterproof shoes, but they also have non-waterproof options. However, if you tend to hike on trails with wet spots frequently, you could go a long way with these boots. 

Their hiking boots are made with high-quality waterproof materials. The waterproof feature also extends to their running shoes, which are considered all-rounders for outdoor activities. You will not only prevent your feet from getting wet, but they’ll also keep you warm.

Are Columbia Hiking Boots Vegan?

Unfortunately, not all Columbia hiking boots are vegan. Their high-quality and performance winter boots are made with animal leather and suede materials. However, they also manufacture waterproof hiking boots using vegan materials. 

Most of the Omni-Heat style boots are vegan, which is great if you are looking for winter hiking boots. Additionally, the popular Gore-Tex material used in their shoes is vegan. 

Gore-Tex is not a fabric, but it is a lightweight, waterproof, breathable membrane. It allows water vapor to pass through, meaning you won’t go home with wet, sweaty socks! 

What Do The Reviewers Say?

I was hesitant to buy these after reading the reviews about the creasing and pinching. NONE!! I LOVE my boots. I wear a medium weight sock when I hike and they still fit great. They have so far held up in lakes, deserts, and about to be tested in snow. Would 10/10 recommend if you’re a hiker on a budget or just starting out. Great support for my ankles too!


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Where Are Columbia Hiking Boots Manufactured?

More than 60% of Columbia’s footwear is manufactured in China and Vietnam. As of late, they have been moving products out of China and aiming to source from various other countries. 

Columbia used to make all of its products in Portland. But, now nearly half of its business is outside the US. Most of their products are manufactured and sold abroad. Columbia’s biggest customer bases are in Asia, Europe and Canada. 

How Is The Warranty For Columbia Hiking Boots?

Columbia offers an Outerwear Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship that affect the practical lifespan of their products. The policy only covers original, unaltered, and unmodified products though.

It does not cover damages caused by the customer, regular wear and tear, neglect or natural material breakdown overtime. However, this warranty is accessible to US-based customers only. But the warranty lasts for the practical lifespan of the product.

It is harder to place a warranty claim for products outside the US. If you live outside the US, you can seek warranty assistance from the outlet you bought your hiking boots from. Generally, you will get a 1-year warranty on original Columbia products.

If you order online, it might be harder to place warranty claims. Shoes may get damaged during shipping and delivery. And if you do not order them from a reputable vendor, or the company itself, we can’t promise that they’ll take responsibility. 

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Columbia Hiking Boots?

Columbia has many competitors, including high-profile brands like Nike, Adidas and The North Face.

You can find many excellent, durable, waterproof, vegan hiking boots from various brands. Some other brands you can get good hiking boots from are La Sportiva, Oboz, Patagonia, Hoka, Salmon, and Under Armour.

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Final Thoughts

So, are Columbia hiking boots worth it? We think they are if you need a great pair of hiking boots that will last a long time. They are not only durable, but they’re strongly built, breathable, waterproof, and some may be vegan too. 

Columbia has been around since the 1930s; and has introduced some of the most popular outdoor footwear technology and design features. Gore-Tex, for example, was patented and reserved onto Columbia footwear.

However, since the Gore-Tex patent has expired, various brands have started introducing it in their footwear. You could find vegan, cheaper hiking boots with Gore-Tex material, but they may not match Columbia’s hiking boots. 

If Columbia hiking boots are not for you, you can check out their competitors and compare. We still believe that Columbia’s footwear quality is one of the best out there. We hope that this review was informative and helped you make a decision!

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