Are Skechers Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

One of the most popular and common footwear brands you might have heard of is Skechers. But does it produce hiking boots and, if yes, are they any good? Today we will tell you all about Skechers and whether their hiking boots are worth your time and money or not.

Let us explain why Skechers got as popular and how it grew into an international brand. Keep reading to learn more about Skechers hiking boots!

A Brief History Of Skechers Hiking Boots

Robert Greenberg founded Skechers in 1992 after he stepped down as CEO of L.A. Gear that same year. He founded L.A. Gear in 1982, but he wanted to start another band whose main goal was to innovate the casual footwear market. 

Skechers initially sold skate shoes and utility boots which grew popular quickly. As the company grew, it expanded its reach to produce casual and athletic style footwear for men, women and children. They also designed performance shoes while focusing on and maintaining their standards and quality. 

Thanks to their experience in producing and designing various styles of shoes, they were also able to offer good hiking boots. Hikers have grown fond of Skechers hiking boots for various reasons we will further explain in this article. 

Are Skechers Hiking Boots Good For Hiking?

It would be hard for a company as big as Skechers not to design quality hiking boots. Their hiking boots are great for hiking due to their construction and affordability. You will enjoy the comfort the memory foam provides for your feet on longer hiking trips. 

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The price point is one of the best things about Skechers – you do not have to compromise on quality just because you’re shopping on a budget. Moreover, their hiking boots can last you a long time before they start degrading and let us tell you why.

How Durable Are Skechers Hiking Boots?

Skechers hiking boots, and overall footwear, are very durable and can last at least a handful of years. They might be cheap, but the quality exceeds expectations. The soles are thick enough to protect your feet but flexible enough for comfortable, natural movement. 

Although, they might be best worn as everyday shoes or for casual and short hiking. If you are a serious hiker, we recommend looking for hiking boots that use reliable quality materials and construction. 

Are Skechers Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Skechers hiking boots are not always waterproof, but you can find some waterproof options. If you are specifically looking for waterproof boots, you should first check that they are waterproof. 

Skechers uses a seam-sealed construction for the upper, which can keep your feet dry in most wet terrains. However, if you are walking right into puddles of water or in heavy rain, you might end up with wet feet. The lack of a dedicated waterproof liner or membranes means that the hiking boots are water-resistant at best. 

If you often hike in snow or wet conditions, you should invest in a pair of hiking boots built with Gore-Tex membranes. Moreover, the waterproof Skechers hiking boots might not be as breathable as other selections, but they are not uncomfortable. 

Are Skechers Hiking Boots Vegan?

Skechers is not a vegan brand, but it does provide a vegan range. If you are vegan and looking for cruelty-free shoes that won’t hurt your wallet, you should look into this. Some of their hiking boots are made with animal leather.

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However, they use vegan glue for their shoes, so you can rest assured that their leather-free boots and shoes are vegan. The vegan shoes are made with synthetic mesh, foam, and rubber. Synthetic materials ensure that the shoes are breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. Additionally, the synthetic materials make the shoe washing safe. 

Where Are Skechers Hiking Boots Manufactured?

Even though Skechers is headquartered in the USA, in Manhattan Beach, California, their manufacturing units are mostly located in China and Vietnam. They do not have any factories within the U.S., but overseas factories ensure that they keep their products affordable. 

What Is The Warranty For Skechers Hiking Boots?

Skechers offers a 2-year long warranty that covers manufacturing and material defects. The warranty applies to original Skechers products purchased from authorized retailers. You have to provide a copy of your receipt along with the boots you want to be replaced, refunded or exchanged. 

The warranty does not apply to ordinary wear and tear, damages from misuse, improper care or natural degrading for materials over time. 

The warranty lifetime is impressive because it is much longer than most brands would offer.

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Skechers Hiking Boots?

Brands that are good alternatives to Skechers include Keen, Kodiak, and Ecco. The one selling point that Skechers has over most quality shoe brands is the price. How could these alternative brands compete with Skechers’ price tags?

Well, they exceed the overall quality that Skechers provides. Kodiak’s footwear quality is pretty great, and they wouldn’t cost much more than a pair of Skechers. The boots are great for everyday wear, and they’re good for winters. 

On the other hand, Keen and Ecco will cost more than Skechers hiking boots, but the qualities they provide are excellent. Even more so, Ecco can be considered the premium choice among these brands. Keen offers great vegan shoes and boots, though. 

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Final Thoughts

Well, are Skechers worth it? Of course, with the budget-friendly price and quality that exceeds expectations, you would love their hiking boots. They offer vegan selections and use cruelty-free, vegan shoe glue, so it’s one of few affordable brands for vegans. Most materials are synthetic, but they keep your feet dry and comfortable through your hikes. 

To conclude, if Skechers is not for you, the alternatives we mentioned are great choices too. Their overall qualities are better, but they’re slightly more expensive.