Are Keen Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

There are so many footwear companies and brands that sell great hiking boots. But you might be trying to find something newer and better. Lucky for you, in this article, we will talk about Keen, a relatively new footwear company – and their hiking boots.

We will discuss the quality of their hiking boots and figure out if they are a reliable brand or not. Continue reading to find out what Keen is all about.

A Brief History Of Keen Hiking Boots

Keen is a relatively new footwear company that was founded and established in 2003. Their first launch, which consisted of their exclusive line of sandals for adventure water shoes, was declared Launch of the Year by Footwear News. The range was titled ‘Newport’ and offered toe protection, despite being a line of sandals.

Keen was focused on making a difference in the footwear industry and the world. When they had started, Keen donated their $1 million advertising budget to victims of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean and various other causes. 

Ever since their establishment, they have exponentially grown not only for their efforts towards helping people but also for the high-quality footwear standards they maintain. Thus, their hiking boots are known for the comfort and good value they offer. 

Are Keen Hiking Boots Good For Hiking?

Keen hiking boots are known for the cushioning in their shoes, giving them some of the best ratings for comfort among hikers. They use fine-quality cushioning materials, and the wide toe boxes give your toes plenty of wiggle room. The signature toe boxes are also solid enough to protect your toes, accommodate swelling during long hiking trips and allow your toes to spread in the boots naturally. 

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Their hiking boots provide plenty of support for the ankle and arch of your foot as well. If you are interested, you can also check out their hiking sandals. Whether you choose boots or sandals, their footwear will be great for your hiking trips. You can also wear them for your daily commute.

As for their value, it keeps increasing with time as of late, but you will appreciate the quality offered at the $100-$150 price ranges. 

How Durable Are Keen Hiking Boots?

Keen hiking boots are pretty heavy, and according to customer reviews, the durability is just fine. They can last you a few years, at least with moderate use on slightly rough terrains. However, if you often hike on rough terrains or are a serious hiker, you might find them wearing down quicker than some of their competitors. 

However, the durability of these boots will depend on which ones you buy and how you use them. If you take good care of them and get a few repairs along the way, you will be able to enjoy them for a good while. The best boots they produce can last for 400-450 miles which is pretty good mileage. 

Where Are Keen Hiking Boots Manufactured?

Keen assembles their hiking boots in Portland, Oregon. However, they source their materials from various countries worldwide. Many of their boots are built in one of their factories in Portland, Mexico or Thailand.

It is one of the only footwear companies that own its factories, which means they directly oversee manufacturing. They maintain quality control of all their products and quickly provide footwear in crises. 

They also partner with factories in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Europe, and India.

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Are Keen Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Their hiking boots are made with waterproof nubuck leather uppers, removable EVA footbed, compression-molded EVA midsole and a breathable mesh lining. The boots remain waterproof while allowing your feet to breathe and vaporize sweat. The rubber outsole on the bots provides lots of traction, and the shaft is high enough to support the ankles. 

Their waterproof hiking boots feature the Keen Dry waterproof membrane. It allows moisture within the shoe to escape without letting outside moisture in the shoe. You can walk in their boots over wet trails or during rainy days without dealing with wet socks and feet.

Are Keen Hiking Boots Vegan?

Unfortunately, Keen’s hiking boots are not vegan. They do not use fur, down or silk, but they still cannot guarantee vegan-friendly products. Usually, if the boot is not made of non-vegan materials, their glue might be non-vegan. 

How Is The Warranty For Keen Hiking Boots?

Keen offers a one-year limited warranty for defects or damages on original, unmodified and unaltered hiking boots. If the defects and damages are due to craft or materials from the manufacturer or retailer, you can return and refund your boots within 30 days of purchasing. 

It does not apply to boots with regular wear and tear, mishandling, misuse, accidental, negligence or natural material breakdown damages. The return policy is only valid for 30 days and is applicable with proof of purchase at an authorized retailer. 

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Keen Hiking Boots?

There is some head-on competition for Keen on the market. If you want a similar brand that provides quality shoes for more or less the same price ranges, you can look at Salomon or Hoka One One. 

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Salomon has been in the footwear industry since 1947, when it started as a family ski shop in France. As time went on, they were the first to provide various innovative designs, including the first self-releasing heel piece. Their hiking boots are waterproof, durable, and comfortable, but they might cost a little more than Keen.

As for Hoka One, One used to be a brand dedicated to running footwear but is now a go-to for hikers. Their hiking boots will cost less and provide just about the same fine quality, comfort, durability, and waterproof features. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is clear that Keen is a reliable and high-quality brand. Their hiking boots come at a reasonable price and are great in value. We think you would enjoy their hiking boots if you are a casual hiker or don’t often go on wild hiking adventures. 

They can also be great for everyday wear and come in various designs. We hope you found this article useful and can now pick the right hiking boots for yourself!