Are Inflatable Kayaks Good For The Ocean? (Explained)

You may have heard of inflatable kayaks and have been thinking about getting yourself one. Perhaps, you are an adventurous individual and want to go ocean kayaking but are unsure if you could rely on your inflatable kayak. You’d be surprised, but they are very durable and can be used on flat water or rivers. 

What about the ocean, though? Let us tell you all about it.

Can You Use Inflatable Kayaks In The Ocean?

You can use inflatable kayaks in the ocean, yes. They are incredibly sturdy and durable as they’re built to withstand rough conditions and waters. However, there are a few things to know about maintaining an inflatable kayak for use in the ocean.

Maintaining An Inflatable Kayak

Saltwater can cause damage to its boat skin over time. To prevent saltwater damages, you must thoroughly clean the kayak with fresh lukewarm water and soap. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents and thinners at all costs as they can damage the kayak’s boat skin even worse. 

Additionally, you must make sure the inflatable kayak is free of sandstones or any objects that can harm it before packing it up.

It is important to note that more experienced kayakers can use inflatable kayaks in the ocean. Kayaking in the ocean can be extremely dangerous. You can do it, but there is more than saltwater damage to the boat skin to worry about. 

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If ocean waters are calm, you should be okay to go for it so long as you do not drift off or get lost.

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe In The Ocean?

Yes, inflatable kayaks are safe to use in the ocean. It can be great to go kayak surfing, only if you’ve got yourself the right inflatable kayak. There are many good ones to buy from, but not all of them are built to handle saltwater and the potentially rough waves in the ocean.

If you aim to go kayak surfing, you should get yourself a kayak specifically built for this purpose.

For all you adrenaline lovers, this sounds like great fun. However, it is important to get a suitable inflatable kayak. Safety should always come first, and you must know that your kayak is reliable. Moreover, it helps to get ones that can handle salt water, so they do not get quickly damaged with frequent use. 

Are Inflatable Kayaks Better?

There are many reasons why inflatable kayaks are great but are they better than tandem kayaks? Let’s go through what makes them good first. Inflatable kayaks are robust, reliable, and very stable, all the while being very lightweight. 

They are also extremely durable because they’ll withstand hard knocks and bumps while you’re kayak surfing in the ocean. Inflatable kayaks are portable, making them easier to manage and move around than the usual hardshell kayaks.


They are also easy to store since they can be deflated and folded down to fit into a bag or any storage space at home. If you’re a solo kayaker, inflatable kayaks are ideal because you can easily carry them with you on your own, whereas a traditional kayak might require some help to transport.

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You wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of tying them up to your car’s roof, and they’ll just fit in your car boot or back seat.

They are also extremely durable because they’ll withstand hard knocks and bumps while you’re kayak surfing in the ocean.


Moreover, you always need to make sure you pump in the right amount and air pressure before using them. It can be quite hectic for regular kayakers because it could be tricky to ensure the air pressure is right for optimum performance and stability.

Just remember that some inflatable kayaks may be cheaper, but the high-quality ones may cost you quite a bit. Regardless, we think that inflatable kayaks are better. Of course, your thoughts may change once you get one, then use it, and it is not for you. But we can confidently say that you just might prefer them over hardshell kayaks.

How To Get Into An Inflatable Kayak

The best way to get into a kayak is to put it deep enough into the water, so it does not get stuck in the sand when you sit in it. As for getting into it, we suggest that you hold the paddle in your hand and stand over the inflatable kayak. Make sure it is between your legs, with the seat right underneath you so you can easily fall right into it.

With one hand, hold the kayak steady and the paddle in the other. Once you’re sure, the kayak is in deep enough water, slowly back into it and sit on the seat. Carefully adjust yourself, and there you go!

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe In Florida?

Florida is a popular spot for eco-adventure and activities. It is sunny and has some of the best places to go kayaking in, as well as dedicated parks and tours. 

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It’s not all perfect though, the biggest issues you might face for your inflatable kayak are the heat and sun. It tends to get extremely hot in the summer, and if your inflatable kayak is not safely stored, it can cause some serious damage.

Moreover, if you frequently go kayaking in the summer when the sun is blazing, the heat can cause the air in the kayak to expand. You are already supposed to pump the right amount of air into an inflatable kayak, but if it expands too much while you use it in the summer, it could be very dangerous.

It is best to deflate it a little when you take breaks or leave it under the sun for any reason, and also to pump almost enough air, so there is some room for air expansion.

It is safe as long as you take the necessary measures and maintain it appropriately! Take care of your kayak, so it takes care of you too.