Are Gelert Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

Are you looking for a good pair of hiking boots? Well, where do you begin? Adidas, Salomon, Nike, Oboz, Gelert and countless other brands are available.

It’s hard to pick a brand and then pick hiking boots. It is even harder to choose one specific shoe that suits all your needs and comfort. However, this article will tell you everything you have to know about Gelert.

Please continue reading to learn about the Gelert brand and company, as well as their hiking boots!

A Brief History Of Gelert Hiking Boots

The company Gelert was named after Prince Llywelyn, the Great’s dog. It was first founded in Bryncir in Gwynedd in 1970 and had an exponential expansion by 2004. Gelert opened its Porthmadog base in 2004, which closed by 2012 and relocated to Widnes. 

Gelert was bought by Sports Direct – a conglomerate that owns various other sportswear brands like it – by June 2013. It is a British camping gear and outdoor clothing company now owned by the Frasers Group and administrated by Sports Direct.

They started producing mountaineering equipment and eventually expanded their clothing and footwear. Even though it is a brand dedicated to outdoor leisurewear, its hiking boots are not so exceptional compared to competitors. 

Are Gelert Hiking Boots Good For Hiking?

If you are on a budget and do not often go hiking, you might be looking for hiking boots that you can wear for a short trip. Gelert is a budget-friendly brand, which also means their hiking boots are just about good enough. Although, it does have some good features, such as being waterproof, pretty durable and comfortable. 

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You might not like the style and design of some of their boots, but you can get yourself some good options. The Gelert hiking boots are good for most mountaineering activities, but we would advise against wearing them on very rough terrains. With proper care, you could make your Gelert boots last a couple of years at least.

How Durable Are Gelert Hiking Boots?

Gelert hiking boots get mixed reviews on durability – some people claim that the durability is pretty good, whereas others claim it is poor. The leather is relatively thinner and the footbed is not great either. 

People say it is best to wear the pair for short daily commutes and walk over flatter terrains such as concrete and trails. Customers also found that the gluing and stitching of the soles of some hiking boots are not the strongest.

Regardless, with less rigorous use and proper care, you can make any pair of Gelert hiking boots last a decent amount of time. 

Are Gelert Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Gelert claims their hiking boots are waterproof, but not all are. They were designed specifically for mountaineering activities and hiking, but they are also a budget brand, which means that you probably shouldn’t have the highest expectations of them. 

The stitching on the hiking boots is not very waterproof but water-resistant at best. It can keep your feet dry on a rainy day, but if you walk through water, your feet will probably get wet. These hiking boots are best to wear in areas where they often rain and the ground is mostly dry. 

Are Gelert Hiking Boots Vegan?

Some Gelert hiking boots are made with synthetic materials, which means they are vegan. However, some of their boots are made with leather, so choosing the right boots if you’re a staunch vegan might be difficult. You can find a decent selection of vegan hiking boots at Gelert stores though so be sure to check them out. 

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Where Are Gelert Hiking Boots Manufactured?

Most of Gelert’s manufacturing units are in China, so the quality might not be very consistent. Many other brands manufacture their hiking boots in China and maintain excellent quality through strict quality control. 

Gelert does have a few warehouses in the UK, where the products manufactured are of slightly better quality.

How Is The Warranty For Gelert Hiking Boots?

There is not much information available on warranty policies for Gelert. However, you can return or get refunds on faulty, defective products.

You must request a return and full refund for items bought online within 28 days of the delivery date. If it has not been used or fitted, you can return the hiking boots by providing proof of purchase and packaging it the way they came to you. 

If you bought an item from their store and want to return or exchange it, you must go to the same store you bought it from within 28 days of purchasing. You have to provide proof of purchase and package it the same way you bought it. 

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Gelert Hiking Boots?

If you want hiking boots at the same price range but of better quality, we recommend looking into Asolo, Salomon, Hoka or Eddie Bauer. 

Salomon might be slightly more costly than Gelert, but they are a reputable brand for hiking boots. Their hiking boots are breathable, durable, waterproof and will keep your feet warm in the winter. Hoka also has some really good hiking boots for good prices.

Asolo and Eddie Bauer are direct competitors in terms of hiking boots prices. Moreover, they also produce an excellent selection of hiking boots. You can find very durable and comfortable hiking boots that will last you long. 

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, we have to be honest and say that Gelert hiking boots might not be completely worth it. You can find a really good pair that will last you long in probably the same amount of money but at a slightly higher price. And if customer reviews are anything to go by, it seems that the manufacturing and material defects might end up costing you more in the long run. 

If you want a great pair of hiking boots for cheap, you will see that there is no shortage of them. You can check out the alternative brands we mentioned above and find a much better pair of boots for the same price as Gelert boots.