Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

There are many budget-friendly brands for hiking boots available in the market, and it can be hard to find a good one that provides boots to last. You might have heard of Eddie Bauer, but do their boots live up to the fancy name? 

You might feel skeptical because of the surprisingly cheap price tag, even though they look nice. So let’s discuss what these hiking boots are all about and if they are worth beyond the price you have to pay!

A Brief History Of Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots

Eddie Bauer is an American Clothing Chain brand headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. It was first established in Seattle in 1920 by Pacific Northwest’s outdoorsman Eddie Bauer. He is also the first to patent the quilted down jacket, amongst many other popular apparel designs. 

His hiking boots gained popularity due to their quality while remaining pretty cheap. They also sell premium outdoor apparel if you look for something more high-end. Even though Eddie Bauer first began as a company that sells tennis items and apparel in Seattle in 1920, it has built up a good reputation among hikers. 

They also expanded towards mountaineering gear such as sleeping bags and down-insulated garments. Eddie Bauer’s once small sporting goods store has now expanded into an international brand that is well appreciated. 

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Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Good For Hiking?

Yes, you will find that Eddie Bauer hiking boots are great for hiking due to their high-quality design, materials, and durability. You will appreciate the great traction they provide and how easy it is to break into them. Additionally, the boots are waterproof and breathable – aspects that are discussed in further detail below. 

You can enjoy these boots, especially in the summer. However, if you are looking for winter boots, you can find a few good options. Their winter boots will keep your feet warm and make your hikes in the snow much more comfortable. 

If you need a pair of supportive, reliable and stable boots without having to splurge, Eddie Bauer has got your back. It has been a reputable brand for over a century for a very good reason, and it’s easy to see why when you’ve tried their boots. 

How Durable Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots?

Eddie Bauer boots are as rigid as most hiking boots with thick and durable soles. It also provides great support for your ankles, so you can trust a pair of their boots when you hike over rougher terrains such as a rocky trail or mountain. Their design includes a rubber traction outsole and memory foam insole to maximize comfort and durability.

A pair of Eddie Bauer boots can last you for at least 3-4 years with proper care, even if you use them for daily commutes and purposes. You can enjoy them for a long time before they start to wear down seriously. 

Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Eddie Bauer hiking boots are waterproof, but some of them might not be the most breathable ones out there. They are ideal if you are a casual hiker or wear them for your daily commutes.

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It is also best to avoid wearing these during hot and humid summers. Your feet could get hot and unable to breathe. This is a problem, especially in their winter boots; however, the summer boots will not keep your feet warm at all. 

Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Vegan?

You can find good vegan options at Eddie Bauer. But you will also see that they are a little more expensive and less aesthetically appealing than the rest of their selections. The vegan boots are made with eco-friendly, synthetic, and sustainable materials.

Where Are Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots Manufactured?

Most of their products are manufactured in India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and various Asian countries. They can maintain their cheap price tags because their manufacturing units and production are done where they are. 

How Is The Warranty For Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots?

Eddie Bauer offers a 1-year warranty for all of their products. They test and produce quality boots that are made to last a long time. However, if there are factory, manufacturing or craft defects, you can return, refund or exchange your item.

You can only do so once you’ve provided proof of purchase when trying to claim a replacement or refund. You cannot use the warranty for repairs and customizations done by unofficial or third-party vendors. Warranties for repaired boots are only applicable when the repairs or replacements are done through an official Eddie Bauer distributor or retailer. 

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Eddie Bauer Hiking Boots?

If you want similar hiking boots to Eddie Bauer’s, you can check out Gelert, Karrimor, Jack Wolfskin or Hoka. Gelert is the closest match in terms of pricing, but Eddie Bauer offers superior quality and durability in their boots. 

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If you are looking for something with fine quality and great durability, you can check out Jack Wolfskin. Jack Wolfskin has some amazing hiking boots for no more than $100. You could also opt for Hoka boots, but both brands will cost you slightly more than Eddie Bauer would.

Hoka is a brand that focuses on walking and running shoes; however, their hiking boots do not lack anything important. Regardless, all the alternatives mentioned above are very comfortable and durable, with a slight exception for Gelert. Karrimor also manufactures good hiking boots for a reasonable price. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, to answer your question – yes, Eddie Bauer hiking boots are more than good. They are not only ideal because of how cheap they can be, but they are also good quality and durable. You can find great options for summers or winters, different designs and fits, and some vegan options. 

We hope you found this article useful and learned everything you needed to know about Eddie Bauer hiking boots!