Are Ecco Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

If you are looking for a fine pair of hiking boots from a reputable brand, you might feel overwhelmed by the various options available. Nike, Adidas, Jack Wolfskin, and so many more, but what about Ecco? Well, this article will tell you what you’ve been missing out on – if you haven’t purchased a pair of Ecco hiking boots before.

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A Brief History Of Ecco Hiking Boots

Ecco was established in 1963 and founded by the two Toosbury brothers: Karl and Brite. Ecco is one of the most popular shoemaker brands today – mainly due to the fine quality it has managed to maintain over the years. 

The first shoes designed by Ecco had skinny heels and pointy toes from a range called Venus. In the late 60s or early 70s, following a big shift in the footwear industry, Ecco adopted the synthetic fabrics trend. And launched the Ecco Joke range designed by Ejnar Truelsen.

Ecco Joke included both men and women’s footwear and the range included original moccasin style, which quickly became an Ecco classic. Additionally, Ecco was the first brand to mold its logo into the sole of its shoes. 

Eventually, they expanded into sportswear, and their boots gained popularity worldwide.

Are Ecco Hiking Boots Good For Hiking?

Ecco hiking boots are great for short or long hikes through winter or summer days. The shoes are very breathable and made with waterproof patented Gore-Tex tech, which ensures your feet remain comfortable throughout your hiking trip.

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Additionally, Ecco’s footwear is lightweight and supportive. There is plenty of support for your ankles. You will also find that they have very stylish designs and you could never get bored of wearing them, even daily. 

If you are a serious hiker looking for hiking boots that will last, this is the brand for you.

How Durable Are Ecco Hiking Boots?

Ecco hiking boots are extremely durable; the soles are thick enough to protect your feet on rough terrains while being thin enough to be flexible. You will appreciate the support around the arch and heel of your feet no matter where you hike. 

The innovative designs used to create their top-notch hiking boots are selected to meet your needs. It goes so far as having podiatrists recommending Ecco footwear. You can easily make a pair of Ecco hiking boots last for over 5 years before it starts wearing down on you. 

Are Ecco Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Ecco hiking boots are waterproof, especially the winter boots, which will also keep your feet warm while allowing them to breathe. No longer will you have to compromise by having sweaty feet and wet socks to stay warm. 

Even the summer boots are waterproof, and you can walk through wet hiking trails with dry feet. You will not have to experience painful blisters or sores forming on your feet as you hike up difficult trails. 

Where Are Ecco Hiking Boots Manufactured?

Ecco is one of the only shoe companies that owns and controls its production tanneries and retailers. They ensure complete quality control to maintain their premium standards. Ecco’s production is done in 7 main areas around the globe. 

They first opened a unit in Portugal in 1984, then expanded to Indonesia in 1990. Moreover, Ecco also owns a production unit in Thailand since 1993, in Slovakia since 1998, and in the Netherlands since 2001. They also further expanded in Asia by opening a unit in China in 2005 and their most recent one is in Vietnam since 2016.

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How Is The Warranty For Ecco Hiking Boots?

Ecco offers a 1-year limited warranty for products bought off their official website or through authorized retailers. You can return, replace or repair any pair of original Ecco boots or shoes if the damages or defects are due to craft or material issues. However, the warranty does not apply to regular wear and tear, negligence, poor care and maintenance or any reasons as such. 

You will have to provide your proof of purchase alongside details of defects within the warranty’s lifetime. Ecco might ask to inspect the boots before they can decide on how to assist you. 

The warranty also does not apply if you have had repairs done on your Ecco boots from an unofficial or unauthorized retailer. If the materials have been altered or replaced for customization or otherwise, Ecco is not inclined to provide you with the warranty’s privileges. 

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Ecco Hiking Boots?

If you want similar hiking boots to Ecco’s, you can turn to Cole Haan, Inditex, Skechers or Adidas. Skechers can be considered a more budget-friendly alternative; however, the quality may not live up to the premium standards Ecco holds. Inditex is also a budget alternative, and they also offer an impressive range of designs.

However, if you want to check out a direct competitor, Cole Haan is another great luxury brand with premium hiking boots. Cole Haan is one of the most reputable brands and producers of handcrafted luxury boots. They might cost you a good deal more than a pair of Ecco’s, but they’re well worth the price. 

You might feel nervous using Cole Haan boots for long hikes on rough terrains, so you could instead try out a pair of Adidas shoes. Adidas matches the price tags on Ecco boots, but the durability exceeds any other brand. Adidas is famous for its footwear as well as for being a trendsetter in the footwear-fashion industry.

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Final Thoughts

So, are Ecco hiking boots good for you? Absolutely! You can rely on a pair of Ecco boots to get you through any hiking trip as long as it matches your needs. 

You will enjoy the comfort they provide as well as the durability of the boots. The materials Ecco uses are some of the best in the market and the waterproof labels are legit. Their pairs will allow your pair to breathe and remain dry no matter where you are!

We hope that you found this article useful and you can confidently decide if you want a pair from Ecco or not.