Are Adidas Hiking Boots Any Good? (Explained)

As a serious hiker, you might struggle to find good hiking boots. You may have gone through multiple
pairs in a short period. But wouldn’t you rather invest in a really good pair of hiking boots that offers
comfort, durability, and becomes your pal for all bad weather conditions? We think you should!

In this review, we will tell you all about Adidas Hiking Boots; and also, we will explore in depth why
they are so popular among hikers.

It’s time to see what the fuss is all about

A Brief History Of Adidas Hiking Boots

Adidas outdoor shoe history began in the ’70s. Adidas created their first light trekking shoes, and the
legendary climber Reinhold Messner helped Adidas Design them. Messner needed a lightweight and
fast approach hiking boots for his first Mount Everest climb in 1980.

The 1970s were where Adidas got their first indicator towards developing light and fast trekking,
climbing, running and outdoor shoes. In 2007, they launched Adidas Outdoor with a whole line of
shoes and apparel focused on various outdoor activities.

Fast forward to 2011, Adidas introduced their Terrex extensive Outdoor Collection to the US Market.
Adidas North America launched the collection with Argon working as an exclusive distributor. The
brand has evolved to be more eco-innovative and sustainable.

Yet, Adidas has not failed to remain stylish and functional as per customer demands. Their hiking
boots come in various designs that suit all sorts of needs.

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How Durable Are Adidas Hiking Boots

Adidas hiking boots are some of the most durable ones on the market. They are surprisingly robust
despite being so lightweight. The Terrex line shoes have a deep heel cup that offers great comfort
throughout your hiking trip.

All the outdoor shoes and boots by Adidas have solid build quality. The sole of their hiking shoes is
made of sticky rubber. It helps with gripping your feet to rocky and slippery surfaces.

Moreover, the shoes feature sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as mesh and Primeknit. It
fits your foot like a sock, so you do not need to worry about your feet slipping out of the shoe either.
You can rest assured that they will last long through hikes on rigorous terrains.

Are Adidas Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Yes, the Adidas outdoor hiking boots are made to be waterproof. Adidas designed their outdoor
shoes to prevent discomfort while going through wet areas and rain. One of the biggest
inconveniences of many outdoor activities is getting your shoes and socks soaking wet.

With an Adidas pair of hiking boots, you will not have to worry about getting wet socks so long as
they are waterproof.

Are Adidas Hiking Boots Vegan?

The Adidas hiking boots, such as the Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX, are well-built and lightweight while
being vegan. Their most sustainable hiking boots to date are the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Parley

They are made from upcycled waste collected from coastlines and beaches throughout the globe.
Parley ocean plastic is the organization that collects and provides upcycled waste materials for

However, no matter what material is recycled and used by Adidas to create their hiking boots, they
will always continue delivering the same quality, performance, comfort, and stylishness.

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What Do Reviewers Say?

Amazing. Keeps foot dry in slushy snow and rain, good grip. Love it, will buy same brand/Terrex again. Had it for few month. Definitely worth the price and even more compared to my other past experience.


Where Are Adidas Hiking Boots Manufactured?

Adidas shoes are manufactured in many countries across the globe. 27% of their shoes are
manufactured in Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. They are also manufactured in Japan,
USA, and Canada.

Indonesia has 79 units, Vietnam has 76 units, and India has 99 Adidas factories. Korea, Thailand,
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and many countries also have many units for manufacturing
Adidas shoes.

It is hard to pinpoint where their hiking boots are specifically manufactured. However, regardless of
the countries that manufacture it, it is still all the same quality. Adidas has tight quality control
policies to ensure only the best ones make it to the market.

How Is The Warranty For Adidas Hiking Boots?

As mentioned on the official Adidas site, any products manufactured and bought in the last 2 years
are eligible for Return Authorisations. You could also return a defective product to the same Adidas
store you bought it from. All you will need is an original receipt or any proof of purchase.

However, warranty claims can be filed by contacting Adidas with photos of the defects. You will need
to provide an article number and the product itself.

Their warranty is 1 year long, which is typical for warranties on almost any product of any brand.

What Brand Produces Similar Hiking Boots To Adidas Hiking Boots?

Of course, Adidas is not your only option for good hiking boots. Many brands produce durable,
lightweight, waterproof and vegan hiking boots too. Some of Adidas’s competitors include Hoka,
Salmon, La Sportiva, and Oboz – to name a few.

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It is hard to match up when it comes to shoes that are similar to Adidas shoes. Adidas not only offers
good performance, strong build quality and comfort, but their shoes are very eye-pleasing as well.
Most hiking boots produced by other brands lack the aesthetic factor.

However, you might find some much cheaper alternatives. Adidas is a world-famous brand, and so
naturally, their products are on the higher end.

Final Thoughts

So what do we think of Adidas hiking boots? There is no doubt that they are great – high quality,
well-built, eco-friendly and vegan, and very good-looking. They are usually expensive, but they are
the perfect shoes to invest in for long-term use.

Many professional hikers, climbers and runners adore Adidas for its excellent shoes. They are very
lightweight, and it takes more than a few years of rough use to wear them down. We also think that
their vegan, eco-friendly features are impressive.

It is hard to find good shoes out there, especially for outdoor activities, that are comfortable and
long-lasting. To conclude, we hope that this review of Adidas hiking boots was informative and
helpful. We aimed to make your search for good hiking boots much easier!

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